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Sleep Evaluation

Easy and comfortable to get started at home

The first step to better sleep is a diagnosis. We perform a clinical evaluation without you stepping foot in a clinic. It starts with a quick online assessment followed by a home sleep study reviewed by our clinicians virtually. In just a few days, you’ll receive a diagnosis - a process that may take months with an in-person clinic.

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WatchPAT home sleep test
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Sleep Apnea Treatments

The right treatment from experts who know sleep

Based on your evaluation, your GEM SLEEP clinician will recommend treatment options, which may include CPAP and/or oral appliance therapy. Our team can help you evaluate the choices and get started. Your treatment plan covers everything you need for the first 90 days.

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Follow Up Support

Stick with your treatment with personalized support and supplies

Our team of experts will help track your progress and provide tips to make the transition smooth. If you are struggling with your treatment, we will help make adjustments – we are here to support you. And when you need more supplies, you can order them right from our site.

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Find out if you have sleep apnea from the comfort of your own bed.

Expert care without setting foot in the doctor’s office. 

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Real  sleep apnea support

Your time and your sleep are precious. Our team of clinicians and coaches are here to make it easy for you to get a diagnosis, find the right treatment options, and get back to sleep quickly.

The GEM Health team of support

Real sleep apnea results

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"GEM made it so easy for me to be in control of the process, with no pressure, and very supportive in helping me overcome my own hesitations. If you wonder if there is a better way to deal with sleep apnea—don't get in your own way—this is it. GEM has it figured out."
Jeffrey S.
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"The process was seamless and easy, and I was able to get a CPAP almost immediately.  In the 10 days I have been using my CPAP, I have so much more energy."
Stacey P.
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"I tried GEM's home sleep study last week and the process is quite simple. I got my diagnosis a few days after the home test and was able to order a tailored CPAP package and start up supplies online with a few more clicks."
Andrew L.
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"I have already recommended GEM SLEEP to some of my friends and family who are experiencing poor quality of sleep and low energy throughout the day."
Matt S.

Why gem?

Typical Sleep Clinic

Wait months for an appointment
Sleep testing at a clinic
Handoffs and phone tag to get started with treatment


Start sleep evaluation immediately
Test your sleep at home; diagnosis in days
Can pick treatment and get started right away
Concierge support throughout your treatment
Home Sleep Test

The GEM home sleep test

We’ve removed the starts, stops and hidden costs in getting a sleep apnea diagnosis.

Our $189 home sleep study includes:

  • Testing
  • Clinician review
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment recommendation and prescription (if needed)
  • HSA/FSA qualified medical expense

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Treatment options to fit your life

Your treatment should be customized to you. We make it as easy as possible to get the right treatment:

  • Multiple treatment options including CPAP bundles and oral appliance therapy
  • Mask and machine guarantee - if you have issues we stand behind what is sent and will make it right
  • Prices comparable to other treatment providers with concierge support included
Payment plans available
Free shipping
Use HSA/FSA dollars
CPAP BundleOral Appliance device

CPAP bundles include:

Top-Rated CPAP Machines

ResMed CPAP machine sent in days with everything you need and programmed to your prescription.

Masks fit for you

The right mask is key to your comfort and treatment success. We make that easy with a virtual mask fitting.

Treatment supplies

Easy to order more supplies as you need them.

Ready to take control of your life?

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